The Journey So Far...

Hi, I'm En. Born and raised in tropical Singapore, I moved to New York 13 years ago to study art and design. I eventually transitioned to natural skincare, and started incorporating what I learned into my soap recipes, which slowly led me down the path of just making recipes for everything I would generally buy to treat myself — candles, diffusers, bath salts, etc… except I get to dictate and KNOW that everything is 100% natural and from sources I would feel comfortable personally using.

With the help of the team, all my formulations and blends are handcrafted. We personally source, make and package every item from the studio to you.

It's been a decade since I first started handcrafting my own formulations in my kitchen and while I still live in Brooklyn with my rambunctious cat, you can now find me at my studio/store which I co-share with my friend Diana of From Here to Sunday. When I'm not at my studio, I'm usually tending to my ever-growing collection of plants, edible greens and foraged wildflowers.

I also just started down the path of studying permaculture and would like to practice on a place I can call my own someday.

Thanks for your interest, support and I hope you'll continue to join us through this journey!

En Tsao
Maker/ Founder

Studio Team

Currently, Even Keel is a small team of 6, including myself. From wearing many hats to providing fresh perspectives, I am immensely grateful to have the support of these talented beings.

YIN studied fine arts and psychology. As an artist, she works with topics of nostalgia, displacement, and the shortcomings of language.

Favorite season / why:
Winter because I like to dress in layers...

Interests: ... and I get to stay inside and paint, read, do sudoku and watch films

To stay even keel: I like to take walks to stay even keel, mostly in lower east side and prospect park.

Her favorite Even Keel products:
Sonn Cuticle oil
Brine Remedy Bar

Instagram: @yinming_

CAMIE studied fashion apparel production, then transitioned to accessories and home products.

Favorite season / why: Autumn is my favorite season because of the cool weather and during this time you get to see leaves change in colors.

Interests: high-impact sports like boxing/ skydiving/ snowboarding but also enjoys reading and long strolls with her Frenchie.

To stay even keel: When I feel bogged down I remind myself "Life without experiences and sufferings is not Life" - Socrates.

Her favorite Even Keel products:
Amalfi bar and Fizzy Expedition Set.


CONNIE studied fashion.

Favorite season/ why: Summer!

Interests: Surfing, acai bowls, The Smiths, aqua cycling, almond butter, pole fitness, New Order, hot yoga, Depeche Mode, concerts front and center, young fresh coconuts, Morrissey, design, making things.

To stay even keel: Sweating it out via any movement modality, hot yoga, aqua cycling. Whatever it takes to divert my focus and to challenge my body to the point of exhaustion.

Her favorite Even Keel products:
03 Essential oil Soy Candle
Rose Flower Hydrating Serum

Instagram: @divideandconquer

SHAO BIN studied fashion design.

Favorite season / why: My favorite season is Fall because growing up in San Francisco, our weather is very consistent, never too high or too low. The air is fresh, and all I need is a lightweight jacket or hoodie.

Interests: Honestly, my interest are design, dramas, and FOOD. I want to make, watch, and eat things.

To stay even keel: I'm a very anxious person, but I just try to take things one step at a time. I'm learning to enjoy every step of the process, step back to take a break and loosen my mind.I do enjoy listening to Chinese and Hong Kong dramas as background to calm me and help me focus on my work!

His favorite Even Keel products:
"03" Candle and Diffuser.

Instagram: @shaobinzhou

YVONNE studied chemistry for undergrad and wants to apply it to sustainable textile science.

Favorite season/ why: Fall because the weather is cool and there's a lot of colors.

Interests: Doodling, working with her hands, and feeling the textures of different objects. She's excited about her grow light to keep plants healthy this past winter. Currently obsessed with lemons. Live Love Lemon.

To stay even keel: Best technique to stay even keel when times are bad is napping

His favorite Even Keel products:
Chamomile Flower serum, Clarity balm

Instagram: @ycgooo98