The Journey So Far...

Hi, I'm En. Born and raised in tropical Singapore, I moved to New York 12 years ago to study art and design. I eventually transitioned to natural skincare, and as a practicing herbalist making topical skin food, I occasionally teach workshops at my studio and at the Open Center.

With the help of my amazing studio assistants, all my formulations and blends are handcrafted. We personally source, make and package every item from the studio to you.

It's been a decade since I first started handcrafting my own formulations in my kitchen and while I still live in Brooklyn with my rambunctious cat, you can now find me at my studio/store which I co-share with my friend Diana of From Here to Sunday. When I'm not at my studio, I'm usually tending to my ever-growing collection of plants, edible greens and foraged wildflowers.

I also just started down the path of studying permaculture and would like to practice on a place I can call my own someday.

Thanks for your interest, support and I hope you'll continue to join us through this journey!

En Tsao
Maker/ Founder

The Team

Currently, Even Keel is a small team of 4, including myself. From wearing many hats to providing fresh perspectives, I am immensely grateful to have such supportive and talented studio assistants.

YIN studied fine arts and psychology. As an artist, she works with topics of nostalgia, displacement, and the shortcomings of language. In her free time, she also enjoys watching films and doing sudoku.

CONNIE studied fashion but has evolved her interests to quite a laundry list. From surfing, acro yoga, to trying weird ice cream flavors, she is constantly being active, and in her own words "always listening and grateful".

HAYLEY studied art and marketing but discovered her love of graphic design after moving to NYC. As a freelance designer, she creates illustrations, cards and brand identities. In her free time, she enjoys pottery, new food finds and the occasional Netflix binge.

From left to right: Yin, myself, Connie and Hayley.