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Handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York

EVEN KEEL infuses Eastern Roots with Western Herbs to handcraft a conscientious line with a principal focus on our earth's natural clays, oils, and botanicals.



| 皂 | Amalfi

A biodegradable general soap bar for hands, body, and face. EARTH CL...

| 嘶 | Expedition Bath Fizzy Set

All-natural bath fizzies that provide 6 sessions of aromatherapeutic bat...

|皂| Terrazzo

A biodegradable general soap bar for hands, body, and face. EARTH C...

| 油 | Sanguine: Natural Perfume

ABOUT If you love the fresh scent of lavender, but can do without the so...

| 熹 | Essential Oil Candle : 03

The 03 Blend has an uplifting, energizing aroma that will stimulate you...

| 嘶 | Bath Fizzy Set: Floral

In this box is a set of 6 handcrafted clay bath fizzies/ shower steamers, inf...

| 皂 | Giza

A biodegradable general soap bar for hands, body, and face. EARTH C...

| 皂 | Shampoo

A biodegradable shampoo bar for non-colored hair. EARTH CLAYS &...

| 嘶 | Bath Fizzy Set: Citron

In this box is a set of 6 handcrafted clay bath fizzies/ shower steamers, inf...

"I'm a fan and I want everyone to know about this bath and body line that looks almost too pretty to use."

"Marbelized mini soaps [Expedition Soap Set] that are designed for a week’s worth of use, perfect for road trip."

"This is my go-to gift whenever I am drawing a blank, it’s not only practical, but incredibly beautiful, like a work of art."

"These bright, aromatic bottles of Sun and Moon Calendula Bath Salts by the small Brooklyn-based company Even Keel are glamorously stuffed with oil-soaked flower petals."

"Spoiler alert: Many fancy, fizzy bath bombs are full of nasty chemicals. Not so with this set by Even Keel."

"An unimpeachable gift: Fancy soaps."


Cool Summer Baths

This year, we are sharing a few new essential oil blends I've been working on with you- and what better way than to introduce them in two new bath fizzy sets. Grab a glass of champagne and let's get to that bath asap.

Cool Summer Baths


Your Own Oasis

Your home is the place you enjoy family and friends, so why not make it your own oasis? Enjoy our most popular signature blends that are great for any occasion.
Whether it's your first time using our essential oils, or you've been with us for years, these signature blends are sure to bring a sense of peace and ease.

Cool Summer Baths


For You/your Loved Ones

According to a dozen gift guides (and counting), we deserve a place on your list.




Our casual side, preferred!

I've ordered twice from Even Keel. Once as a gift for someone who reported that she LOVED it! I recently ordered for myself: soaps, and a candle. Absolute perfection! The soaps a YUM and candle fragrance subtle and divine. Thank you!!

Alicia R.F.

Verified user

I received the Expedition set as a gift during a very difficult time in my life. These are seriously the best bath cubes I have ever tried. They are so healing with the real pieces of herbs and the fizz inside They have an amazing relaxing aroma. I am stocking up now to be sure I have these available for my relaxing me spa day.

Regina Flores

Verified user

As a medical professional who has to constantly wash my hands with antibacterial soap all day long, this soap is a godsend to use at home to restore hydration in my hands. My skin has become silky soft! I am obsessed with its scent and this bar looks super chic on the maple wood soap dish!

Victoria Hum

Verified user

I’m not a big review writer but had to review this product. the single most phenomenal bath bomb/accessory ever! the scent is truly heavenly! I truly cannot get enough of it. I ordered two as gifts for very particular family members. I am very sensitive to scent and this is just delightful -authentic, natural, calming, soothing.

Mom in M.D

Verified user

Wonderful, elegant scent and gentle to the body. I have pretty severe eczema, so my skin gets very sensitive especially with bar soaps - this one has been kind to me.

Alex Thebez

Verified user