Even Keel infuses Eastern Roots with Western Herbs to handcraft a vegan bath & body line with a principal focus on our earth’s natural clays, oils and botanicals.

Nature dictates Beauty

Brooklyn-based, Even Keel was founded based on the belief that skincare should be simply natural, minimal yet effective. Batched in small quantities of 30 or less, every product is handcrafted fresh with botanicals and herbs that your skin will love.

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Sun-Infused Herbs

Ingredients matter.


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Let's Love Together

Every step big or small is still a step towards a better future for us and mother nature.
Wash away bad juju and let's spread some good vibes together!


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4. Sets

[The Charcoal Elixir] by @evenkeeldays looks almost too pretty to use but the scent of grapefruit, clove and petitgrain will make you want to use it everyday.

– DesignMilkEveryday

[My skin is] very sensitive and prone to breakouts! I've been using the [French Rose Elixir] on my face for just over three weeks and already my pores are reduced and skin feels so clean and comfortable.

– @carlasam

Even Keel’s products, in the face of a market flooded with all kinds of natural, organic, and locally sourced ingredients remain unique and fresh.

– M. Corey, Greenpointers

I did want to let you know that your French Rose soap is wonderful, aside from smelling like heaven it has cleared up a skin rash I’ve been struggling with for months, almost immediately on my super sensitive skin.

– J Piotrowicz, MO

We almost don’t want to wet this soap because it’s so pretty! But the benefits of activated charcoal are so great on the skin. We’re in love.

– K. Wen, Siizu NY

Bespoke Orders

We love like-minded individuals who share our passion for natural beauty and enjoy collaborations with wedding planners, event organizers, or simply you!