Body Bar

| 石 | Terrazzo 5 Clay

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Skin Type:

Body: Dry, Normal

About The Bar

Supple Cleanse
This bar is speckled with every bar from the elixir collection, delivering a moisturizing cleanse with all 5 of our clays while sitting pretty in your shower.

A Botanical Mix
The oils in our elixir bars are infused with Agrimony, Calendula, Comfrey, Echinacea, Horsetail, Rosehips and Mullein.

The 5 Natural Clays
French Rose, Bentonite, Moroccan Red, Rhassoul and Dead Sea with Activated Charcoal.

Olive oil with Calendula, Safflower oils infused with Alkanet Root.

saponified coconut oil, cocoa butter, sustainable palm oil, shea butter, olive oil pomace, safflower oil, alkanet root, petitgrain, cypress, cedarwood, hand-grated soap from all elixirs, distilled water.

Please understand that slight aesthetic discrepencies may occur due to the addition of seasonal ingredients* between batches and the nature of the handmade bar.

*If you have skin sensitivies or allergies, please be mindful and read our batch notes in the ingredients tab.