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Skin Profile

Face: normal  |  Body: all

About The Bar

Mullein Leaf & Horsetail
The fuzzy leaves of Mullein softens skin,while the high silicon and calcium content of Horsetail attributes to this bar’s anti-aging properties.

Dead Sea & Rhassoul Clay
Contains natural constituents Bromide, Potassium and Sulfur to detoxify and balance.

Olive oil with Calendula, Coconut oil with Horsetail and Soybean oil with Mullein Leaf.

saponified coconut oil, olive oil pomace, cocoa butter, shea butter, soybean oil and sustainable palm oil. dead sea clay, rhassoul clay, calendula, mullein leaf, horsetail, clove, amyris, cedarwood and distilled water.

Batch 10,11: Fishmint, Spirulina
Batch 8,9: Bentonite clay, Gotu Kola
Batch 6,7: Activated Charcoal
Batch 5,6: Puréed Avocado
Batch 2,3: Unfiltered Mullein Leaf