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Orphan Bars

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Orphan Bar

From custom orders, events and previous seasons. They are still just as good, don't judge because they don't have a fam! They are going at 60% off, adopt them?


saponified coconut oil, olive oil pomace, rice bran oil, soybean oil, tamanu oil distilled water, essential oils.

玫 "Rose"Elixir Infusion: Hibiscus Flower & Lotus Root

奶 "Milk"Elixir Decoct: Handmade Soybean and Mungbean Milk

炭 "Charcoal"Elixir Decoct: Hung Cay Mint, Rice Water & Gripeweed

土 "Earth"Elixir Infusion: Papaya Pulp & Orange Peels

海"Sea"Elixir Infusion: Fresh Green Tea & Broken Rice Water

石 "Stone"Elixir: Handmilled with Dalat Coffee and 5 Clay