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| 时 | Oil of Sanguine

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时 | Oil of Sanguine

If you're a fan of blossomy scents, this brighter floral scent makes a good daytime oil to pair with our quelling Oil of Halcyon in the evening. 

Multi-Functional, our blends function not only as a perfume, but also as a mane-tamer to your fly-aways, salve to your dry skin, and a soothing end to your day in a bath or home diffuser.

Bottled only when ordered, we never pre-blend. At 25% dilution, we blend our essential oils at the highest percentage recommended for optimal efficacy in healthy individuals and use calendula-infused Safflower oil as our carrier.

100% therapeutic-grade Essential oils of Chinese Cedarwood, Petitgrain and Lavender. Safflower oil sun-infused with Calendula (carrier).