Clay Rose & Pearl Massage Oil Candle

Clay Rose & Pearl Massage Oil Candle

Keeping it minimal, our soothing oil candle is a effective pairing of just Rose Clay and Pearl Powder. Pearl Powder has been used for thousands of years by women of the dynasties for it's anti-aging constituents. This is attributed to the Pearl's high content in minerals, amino acids and Mucopolysaccharides. Various components in Pearl also participate in DNA and RNA metabolic activities, and thus can support cell renewal.


Soy Wax
Pearl Powder
Rose Clay
Grapefruit E.O
Anise Star E.O
Honeysuckle E.O
Jasmine E.O
  • 23% Cocoa Butter

  • 34% Coconut Oil

  • 25% Shea Butter

  • 18% Mango Butter