Z Gardener's Soap

Z Gardener's Soap

Gardener's soap get it's name for being a heavy duty soap that has the strength to cut dirt and grease indoors in the kitchen or the great outdoors. We use ground anise seeds as grit and a higher percentage of Palm oil to get a harder sturdy bar. Spirulina and Shea Butter . please note: Bars may range from oatmeal brown to green, this is due to Spirulina's natural green colorant being photosynthesized away by sunlight.


Ground Anise Seeds
Cornflower Petals
Alkanet Root Powder
Passion Rose Fragrance Oil
Cinnamon Essential Oil
Distilled Water
  • 35% Palm Oil

  • 25% Olive Oil

  • 20% Shea Butter

  • 20% Grapeseed