Fizzy Bath: Summer Blend

| 嘶 | Fizzy Clay + Salt Bath

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Body: suitable for all types


Our bath fizzy set may look pretty for occasional use / a gift but many have requested a more functional option for personal / frequent use. We hear you! 

Update: Please note we are now packaging these in kraft zip-lock bags as they carry more content for your bath needs and save the earth from an unnecessary use of a glass jar

Suds & Salt Soak
Our clay is infused into soap before milling out, this gives a mild cleanse and leaves your bath clay-ring free! Epsom salt and Dead sea salt has been added into the mix for a little extra pep.

Each bag is good for 2-3 uses in a tub. Pour in when water has settled. As a clay bath, this soak will have minimal bubbles. Add your own bubble mix if feeling a little fancy.

citric acid, epsom salt, sodium bicarbonate, milled clay soap, nu voi seeds, chrysanthemum flowers, hibiscus flowers, dead sea salt