Z Feline + Canine Fur Shine

Z Feline + Canine Fur Shine

Tired of synthetic options for your best buddy? I've been finding it such a breeze to scrub Cakes (my cat, yes... cat!) clean instead of fumbling with a bottle and only have one hand free to get him sudsy! So, with the same formula (minus the catnip this time!) here's a bar for your pal. High in Coconut, this will give you lots of bubbles to get that fur clean while the ground oatmeal in the middle layer keeps their delicate skin calm and un-agitated. This is also scented Cedarwood & Coriander Essential Oil to make those pesky bugs think twice.


Kaolin Clay
Distilled Water
  • 12% Castor

  • 29% Coconut

  • 30% Olive

  • 29% Palm