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Essential oil melts work just like candles but you save the earth from yet another jar of soot-covered waxy remains. In some ways, they are even better than candles as the oils are able to burn cleaner and more efficiently as they are resting above the flame.

Set of 3 includes:
02 Soft woodsy notes of Austrian Pine, paired with the smokiness of Texas Cedarwood followed by light fresh lingering scent of Japanese Cornmint.
03 An energetic, lively blend of citrus peels and Indian Lemongrass, grounded by notes of Indonesian Clovebud and Japanese Cypress.
04 The mix of Brazilian Sweet Orange, Indonesian Clove bud and Cinnamon brings the distinctively different energetics into a tranquil, soothing blend.

Soy Wax

For full image of the bamboo/ceramic burner we offer, please see below.
Due to the nature of the hand-poured melts, slight aesthetic discrepancies may occur between batches.

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'02' Candle alternative

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'03' Candle alternative

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'04' Candle alternative

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