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Hair Types

Head: normal, oily  |  Facial: all

85 Profiles of Camellia Sinesis
We’ve collaborated with Pu-Erh Brooklynto brew our base water with their selectionof the finest teas from the provinces of China

Waste Free, Guilt Free
Not only is your entire blow-out all-natural, with the packaging completely compostable, you have just saved the earth from 2 more plastic bottles.

saponified coconut oil, olive oil sun-infused with calendula, castor oil, sustainable palm oil and avocado oil sun-infused with rosehips and comfrey. moroccan red clay, rhassoul clay, calendula, distilled tea water, essential oils of lemongrass and japanese cornmint

Please understand that slight aesthetic discrepencies may occur due to the addition of seasonal ingredients* between batches and the nature of the handmade bar.

*We stay away from common allergens such as nuts, dairy (we're vegan) and fragrances (we only use essential oils). However, please be mindful and always patch test when in doubt OR drop us mail, we'll be happy to help.