Activated Charcoal Elixir

Activated Charcoal Elixir

The warmer months have got us adding this bar into our elixir collection. Deeply cleansing, we have balanced out it's heavy-duty sebum extracting qualities with a calming decoction of Fresh Green Tea leaves and broken rice water. Fresh and finely ground blend of oats / polished rice, we mean business when it comes to exfoliation here! It's stone-like appearance is complemeted with the scent of Hinoki and Pine, just like the rocky dense forests of Yakushima, Japan.


Green Tea Leaves
Activated Charcoal
Broken Rice
Hinoki Essential Oil
Clove Essential Oil
Pine Essential Oil
  • 15% Tamanu Oil

  • 15% Rice Bran Oil

  • 20% Cocoa Butter

  • 50% Coconut Oil