Botanical Mist

| 宝 | Botanical Misting Essence

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Skin Profile

Face type: suitable for all

Made only with 100% organic Lemongrass and hyaluronic acid, our botanical mist is essentially a hydrosol with a moisturizing barrier boost that promises softer skin from your very first spritz! Hydrosols are the aqueous product during the essential oil distillation process, which contain carboxylic acids, that aids with anti-inflammatory activity.

Combined with plant-derived, non-GMO hyaluronic acid, your skin will feel the difference from just 1 application. 

How To Use:
Use on clean & dry face after washing. Holding bottle 5 inches away, spritz 3 times evenly across face. Let sit for a few seconds. Using your fingers, tap dewy face quickly and lightly to for optimal absorption. Continue regular facial routine after.

Botanical distillate of Organic Lemongrass / Rose, Hyaluronic Acid (Plant-derived)