Handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York.

EVEN KEEL infuses Eastern Roots with Western Herbs to handcraft a conscientious line with a principal focus on our earth's natural clays, oils, and botanicals.


Summer Self-Care Kit

Our July must-haves to stay cool and refreshed... all in a set.


Studio Picks

"If you take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves. You can gain more control over your life by paying closer attention to the little things."
– Emily Dickinson

Studio Summer Favorite

New Item !

New Item !

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Signature Essential Oil Blends

Our scents are made from pure essential oils of plants, completely free from synthetic fragrance compounds, allowing you to breathe deep and confidently enjoy it’s aromatherapeutic benefits. Here are a some quick reads that we'd like to share.

A full index of all the ingredients we use in the studio. Nothing more, nothing less.



The Benefits of Clay in Skincare

The clays that beautifully color our soap play an essential role in neutralizing negatively charged ions. Everyday toxins, such as free radicals and heavy metals, are attracted then bound through the clay’s electrical charges before being washed off, leaving our skin purified.



Botanical Infusions, Freshly Made

We also submerse our herbs into a variety of skin-loving botanical oils, heating them gently to create a fresh infusion. This traditional process ensures steady extraction of the herb’s medicinal properties, allowing them to diffuse into the oils steadily over time. These infusions are used throughout our entire collection.


Even Keel Days

Our casual side, preferred!