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| 石 | Terrazzo 5 Clay

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Body: All types

About The Bar

Supple Cleanse
Made with jasmine rice water to deliver a moisturizing cleanse while sitting pretty in your shower.

5 Natural Clays
French Rose, Bentonite, Moroccan Red, Rhassoul and Dead Sea clays.

Olive oil with Calendula. 

Other Oils
Sustainable Palm Oil and Coconut oil.

Along with
our signature blend of 100% Therapeutic-grade essential oils, along with trace ingredients from our elixir bar collection and filtered water.

And there you have it – the full ingredients list!

15% of what you pay for this bar will go to The Rainforest Foundation:

Today, indigenous people make up just 5% of the global population, but they live on and protect lands that support 80% of the Earth's plant and animal species; there is no accident. Yet indigenous people continue to be pused off of their ancestral lands by agricultural interests, mining, oil exploration or by loggers eager to exploit the last stands of old-growth forests.

The world's rainforest are at risk, once 16% of the land was covered in forests, today the number stands at less than 3%. Without our rainforests, climate change will be largely unchecked, and we will lose most of our planet's remaining biodiversity. By ensuring indigenous peoples' land rights, we do more than uphold human rights, we protect our planet.