Botanical Facial Steam

| 宝 | Summertide Solstice Steam

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About The Set

Relax and Breathe
100% certified organic herbs and seasonal botanicals in our summer blend helps to increase vascular circulation while gently dilating pores for optimum cleansingand serum absorption after.

An Organic Blend
Cat's Claw bark, Calendula petals, Comfrey leaves, Cornflowers, Mullein leaves, Tien Qi flowers, Lavender buds,Selection of tea leaves from 85 provinces. Other seasonal herbs may be added between batches, please check ingredients for the full list

• Portion out for 3 uses.
• Pour steaming tepid water into a bowl at least twice your facial width and infuse herbs into water.
• With a cotton wash cloth, tent your face over the bowl and inhale deeply.
• Take 5 min to breathe. Relax.
• Cleanse as usual. Using serums or masks after will increase efficacy.

Cat's Claw Bark, Calendula petals, mullein leaves, comfrey leaves, jasmine whole flowers, cornflowers, tien qi buds, lavender buds, tea leaves, cats

Batch 2: Bittergourd, Chrysanthemum, Dulce Flakes

Please understand that slight aesthetic discrepencies may occur due to the addition of seasonal ingredients* between batches and the nature of the handmade bar.

*If you have skin sensitivies or allergies, please be mindful and read our batch notes in the ingredients tab.