Botanical Distillate

| 宝 | Kalon Mist : Artemisia

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Botanical Distillate

What is it?
Botanical distillates are produced in the similar manner as essential oils. While essential oils float to the top of the distillate where it is removed, botanical distillate is the essential water resting beneath.

What do I use it for?
Anything, really! But it works into your everyday life especially well as an on-the-go hydrating mist. A few spritzes also make a great last step to set your makeup. Also, as a hydrosol has gentle astringent properties, it can also be used as a milder and less oil-stripping substitute to toners.

Botanical distillate of Artemisia and Rose, Witch Hazel and Distilled Water.

Please understand that slight aesthetic discrepencies may occur due to the addition of seasonal ingredients* between batches and the nature of the handmade bar.

*If you have skin sensitivies or allergies, please be mindful and read our batch notes in the ingredients tab.