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Mystery Bar

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The Mystery Bar

Is really no mystery at all. It's simply just orphaned bars from custom orders, events and previous seasons. They are still just as good, don't judge because they don't have a fam! They are going at 50% off, adopt them?


saponified coconut oil, olive oil pomace, rice bran oil, soybean oil, tamanu oil distilled water, essential oils.

玫 "Rose"Elixir Infusion: Hibiscus Flower & Lotus Root

奶 "Milk"Elixir Decoct: Handmade Soybean and Mungbean Milk

炭 "Charcoal"Elixir Decoct: Hung Cay Mint, Rice Water & Gripeweed

土 "Earth"Elixir Infusion: Papaya Pulp & Orange Peels

海"Sea"Elixir Infusion: Fresh Green Tea & Broken Rice Water

石 "Stone"Elixir: Handmilled with Dalat Coffee and 5 Clay


Please understand that slight aesthetic discrepencies may occur due to the addition of seasonal ingredients* between batches and the nature of the handmade bar.

*If you have skin sensitivies or allergies, please be mindful and read our batch notes in the ingredients tab.