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INCI: Amyris balsamifera

• Plant Part: Seasoned wood
• Method of Extraction: Steam
• Origin: West Indies
• Benefits: Amyris oil has antiseptic, sedative, decongestant and emollient properties. It is beneficial for helping calm your mind and muscle relaxation, as well as minimizing stress and tension and releasing anxiety.

INCI: Syzgium aromaticum L

• Plant Part: Leaves
• Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
• Origin: India
• Color: Clear yellow to dark brown liquid.
• Aromatic Scent: Clove Leaf Oil has the characteristic Clove smell, only it is much sharper than Clove Bud with woodsy tones.
• Benefits: When applied topically, clove buds can help address skin problems like warts, acne, sagging skin and wrinkles.
• Cautions: Clove Bud Oil can cause sensitization in some individuals and should be used in dilution. It should also be avoided during pregnancy.

INCI: Cedrus atlantica

• Plant Part: Wood
• Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
• Origin: USA
• Color: Golden yellow to orange-brown liquid.
• Aromatherapy use: acne, arthritis, bronchitis , catarrh, congestion, coughs, cystitis, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, fungal infections, greasy skin, hair loss, leucorrhoea, nervous tension, pruritus, rheumatism, skin eruptions, stress, ulcers.
• Cautions: Non-toxic, non-irritant. Avoid during pregnancy.

INCI: Mentha Arvensis

• Family Name: Lamiaceae
• Common Names: Cornmint, Field Mint, Japanese Mint, Wild Mint
• Country of Origin: India
• Parts Used: Flowering Plant
• Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
• Color: Pale Yellow to Yellow
• Benefits: Cornmint is preferred for treating children because it is gentler. Peppermint and Cornmint both help in freeing the skin of acne and other conditions, improve circulation, soothe sore muscles, benefit respiration, tone digestion, help the immune system fight off colds, and they have a wonderful reviving effect on the nervous system.

INCI: Cupressus sempervirens

• Plant Part: Needles and Twigs
• Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
• Origin: France
• Color: Very pale yellow to golden yellow clear liquid.
• Strength of Aroma: Medium
• Benefits: Heals Wounds and Infections. Treats Cramps and Muscle Pulls. Aids Toxin Removal. Natural Deodorant. Relieves Anxiety. Treats Varicose Veins and Cellulite.
• Cautions: None known. This oil is regarded as being very gentle and suitable for all skin types.

INCI: Cinnamomum zeylanicum

• Plant Part: Bark
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Origin: Sri Lanka
• Color: Clear yellow to orange liquid
• Benefits: Decreases inflammation. Increases circulation. Fights viruses. Fights free radicals. Relieves depression. Stimulates the immune system. Stimulates libido. Fights parasites