1. brute, clay elixir bar

This is a simple but potent bar of our two favorite detoxifying agents together – Moroccan red clay and Activated charcoal. Made primarily with yarrow-infused Cocoa butter.

2. breathe, dead sea salt scrub

Breathe in while you scrub yourself down with some Lemongrass, grown and ground in-house. Jar is good for 2-3 uses.

3. grove, essential oil soy candle

Stay uplifted with this citrus blend I’ve been scenting my apartment with. It reminds me (and hopefully, you!) of being outdoors while being quarantined inside :)

4. eiju, curated item

These incense sticks are made with fragrant aloeswood of Eiju. It’s scent can be used to ground oneself in meditation or a state of rest. I’m in the process of getting these imported from Japan and into our store soon!


1. oat bar

Spring is upon us! We made this bar with freshly ground oat milk to soothe your skin through this transitional time.

2. vert salt scrub

When it comes to it’s anti-inflammatory properties, Agrimony is our friend. We’ve infused our avocado oil for half a year (yes!) with this medicinal herb and made it into this scrub. Jar is good for 2-3 uses.

3. bamboo rounds

Bamboo cotton rounds that are guaranteed to last at least 900 washes. I love these rounds for their thickness and resilence.

4. sylvan essential oil candle

I’ve been experimenting with a restful blend last month to help me sleep (while going through the stress of renovations at our studio/store) and would like to share this with you!


1. gardener's bar

Fall is upon us and with every season comes a good change aka clean-up! Gardener’s soap aka Kitchen Soap is made with pumice and oils especially to tackle dirt and grime.

2. halcyon perfume balm

Many have been asking for a solid perfume for carrying convenience and after many trials, I’m excited to share my very first official batch of perfume balms with you!

3. kwohtation stickers

Janine Kwoh, is the owner / artist / one-person assembly line behind this handmade stationery company and letterpress print & design studio, based in Brooklyn, NY. Her affirmation stickers make a nice addition to your schedule book as we transition into the winter chill.

4. amai dish and incense

On one of my earlier trips this year to Vietnam, I chanced upon this lovely ceramic store by Amai. They made these precious slipcasted mini dishes and I thought it would look perfect sitting pretty with our jasmine incense cones.